Which are the best legal recruitment agencies in Australia?

Finding the best legal talent in Australia is a much easier process with the help of a specialist recruiter. But how can you find the best legal recruiters? Going to a big agency gives to guarantee that the agent they partner you with is the best choice available.

Being able to compare the individual metrics, reviews and performance of individual recruiters will give you a much better indication of their quality. On TalentVine, you can do just that. Compare specialist IT recruiters side-by-side based on their value and quality of service, rather than which agency they work for.

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Recruitment Agencies in TalentVine Do Not Always Work With Big Brands

Do the best legal recruiters always work for big brands?

We often see some of the best IT recruitment services on TalentVine being provided by recruiters from small agencies. With the availability of HR tech solutions like TalentVine, top recruiters no longer need to work at a large agencies to win roles. Many prefer focusing on a particular field at a nich agency or working for themselves. TalentVine gives recruiters like this a platform to shine through, as recruiters earn visibility through the service they provide. So no, the best legal recruiters aren’t always working for the big brands.

Is there a correlation between fees and service?

If finding the best legal recruiter was as simple as paying the highest rate, TalentVine would not exist! Our role is to make sure you find the best specialist recruiter at an agreeable rate. The nature of our online marketplace ensures that recruiters put forward competitive bids.

Couple with this the ability to have complete visibility of their performance metrics, reviews, ratings, and recent role history. The fee that a recruiter offers will always depend on a number of factors. If they’ve recently filled a similar position, they will already have a list of suitable candidates ready, and as a result will be willing to offer a lower rate. The best value recruiter will often vary on a role-by-role basis, and TalentVine gives you the flexibility and clarity to find them, every time.

correlation between fees and service, recruitment agencies

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So what makes an incredible legal recruitment consultant?

Industry Knowledge

As an example, an ex-lawyer that hires legal talent will really have deeper insights into the position as opposed to a generalist recruiter as they know the stresses and day-to-day feels of a role and will be able to 'sell' the opportunity.



If they are based in the same state as you, it's likely that they would have local relationships, attend regular MeetUps.

Quality of Candidates

The percentage of candidates that they submit to a client who are then invited for interview. This shows that they understand the accurate requirements of the roles and the exact needs of the organisation.

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