6 Tips to make your hiring more effective on TalentVine

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TalentVine Tips

There is no denying that everyone’s needs are evolving. For example, how’s that extrovert in your team handling working from home? We guarantee they have some needs that may have been answered previously due by filling their cup through in-person interactions.

The needs of Talent teams and recruiters are no different, so we thought we would share some tips that will help when next using TalentVine:

1. Request a minimum six month replacement guarantee

In light of hiring uncertainties, the best recruiters are regularly offering replacement guarantees between six and twelve months which is a significant increase from the industry standard of three months.

2. Don’t set a max fee

Whilst you can suggest a max fee when you share a role, we would suggest leaving this blank. If you set a max fee of 12%, you will receive a lot of bids at 11.5%. If you leave it blank for recruiters to bid via blind auction, you’ll see a range from between 8% – 15%.

3. Opt for Invoice Factoring

Given that all of our crystal balls have been a bit hit-and-miss of late, next time you make a placement, opt to pay this off over a three or six month period so that you get ROI on your new hire before having to pay the full fee.

4. The true cost of recruitment

When selecting your recruiter, don’t just look at the fees and replacement periods being offered. To select the best recruiter, make sure you’re taking into account their performance metrics, previous ratings and recently placed roles as this is an accurate predictor of the future performance that they are likely to provide for you.

5. Reference checks of Recruiters

If you’re looking to select a recruiter based on some great examples of similar roles they have placed, feel free to let one of the team know if you’d like us to carry out a specific reference check from a hiring manager related to any of the positions that they have added.

6. Ask specific questions as a part of the brief

When adding a role on TalentVine, use the dropdown to select a question specific to the role in question so you can receive further information on how the recruiter intends to source you this dream candidate.

If you want to make the most of these tips, or understand how to use any of our new features, get in touch with the team today so we can make life that little bit easier.

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