Recruiter of the Month: Steve Grace

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This month, we would like to congratulate Steve Grace as TalentVine’s recruiter of the month!

Agency: The Nudge Group
Location: Sydney
Specialised Industries: Marketing, IT & Digital
Employer Rating: 8.8
Placed Roles through TalentVine:
Digital Marketing Manager, Community Manager

Tell us about your journey as a recruiter

“Having successfully built and exited two profitable businesses, Steve Grace knows a thing or thousand about what makes a business a success. Steve’s new venture, The Nudge Group was born from a genuine desire to help businesses grow from Start-up to Unicorn. After months of research and testing different methodologies, Steve has developed an innovative recruitment model that gives early stage and rapid growth businesses direct access to top-tier talent and specialist expertise without the traditional price-tag.”

This above is my tag line… but what makes me love what I do is really working with Founders and Investors to build exciting businesses, all the people involved in this sector love what they do, they look for solutions and have an unwavering desire to make things work. We are not simply filling jobs anymore. We are truly embedded in their businesses. Since starting The Nudge Group, I have got my passion back for my work, something that had been missing for many years.

What's been your experience using TalentVine?

We only use TalentVine when we see a business and role that we really know fits our niche, i.e. Start-up, Venture Capital or Private Equity backed business going through accelerated growth. We have had great fortune to find a number of new clients that would have otherwise not been on our radar.

What's one piece of advice you'd give to employers?

Understand and know your story, from beginning to now to future, you can not expect people to buy in to your business the way you want them too if you cannot clearly communicate that. Then make sure your recruiter not only really understands and communicate this story for you, but also believes it themselves.

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