Recruiter Tips: 3 Best Practices to Follow Up with Clients

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Recruiter tips: 3 Best Practices to Follow Up with Clients

You’ve just placed an excellent candidate with your client. The contract is signed and you have a guaranteed start date. Brilliant! So, what comes next?

Yes, you follow up with your clients. 

If your first thought was your impending placement fee, then you might need to adjust your thinking. Here are three best practices on how to follow up with your clients in different terms and situations. 

Follow Up Prior to Placement

It is always a good idea to follow up with your client a few days before the candidate is due to commence. Let your client know the candidate is excited to get started with a quick phone call. You should also clarify if there is anything else you can do to assist them in this process.

Furthermore, it would be best if you asked your clients to keep you updated on the candidate’s progress. This lets the client know that you are invested in the candidate’s success and genuinely hope they are a good fit for your client. If your client feels as though you are invested in them and their best interests, they are more likely to consider you for future placements. 

Follow Up in Short Term

Obviously, there is the customary check-in on the candidate’s start date to ensure your placement fee is safe. Take this opportunity to also thank the client for selecting you for the role. It is better to make a phone call instead of an email for a more personable touch. 

The first few weeks after candidate placement is the perfect time to ask for feedback from your client. Be patient and accepting of any feedback the client can offer you. Client experience feedback is a great way to reflect on and improve your brand. 

Follow Up in Long Term 

In the following months, as the guarantee period approaches, it is common for recruiters to check-in and ensure that their candidate has remained with the company. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with the client about any upcoming job vacancies. Now you have successfully placed a role, you are more likely to be considered for new roles. 

The client relationship shouldn’t end at placement. By continuing to engage with the client, you will be building a positive brand as a recruiter, and are more likely to be recommended to fill future roles within the company. 

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