Creating Confidence in Partnering with Boutique (and Large) Recruitment Agencies

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The Confidence to Support Small (and Large) Business

Employers have a growing interest in supporting small businesses. In fact, many large corporates have this as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). One of the benefits of using TalentVine is the ability to support small recruitment agencies without the risk of this affecting your internal brand. Our recruitment marketplace empowers small business recruitment agencies who wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to work with employers that have traditionally partnered with larger and better known agencies.

So, how does TalentVine’s platform support those small business recruitment agencies? 


Preferred supplier agreements v.s. TalentVine

Traditionally, larger corporates have had preferred supplier agreements (PSA) which mainly consisted of the large recruitment agencies with a strong brand presence. Agency names used to give employers the confidence to know which agencies could deliver a quality service. We absolutely understand that large agencies can still deliver any employer’s requirements and they regularly do through TalentVine, due to their in-depth training and key areas of specialisation.

However, TalentVine enables organisations to select consultants based on their ratings and performance metrics. This is done on an individual consultant level as a single agency has a range of quality within their midst. On TalentVine, employer can compare a range of consultants, from a selection of agencies ranging from one-man bands all the way through to multinational corporates. Our metrics and ratings allows employers to easily identify the most suitable specialist consultant enabling you to make more confident decisions on who to work with. 

Engage and support more small business recruitment agencies through TalentVine!

If you would like to work with more small business recruitment agencies on the basis that they deserve the opportunity to prove themselves, we would love to show you how. With one set of terms through TalentVine, your whole team has the freedom to compare, select and engage with over 300 Australian recruitment agencies.

Please get in touch with us, or simply get started. Just like that, you can start engaging recruiters and comparing the top performers for assisting with any role. We are proud to support Australia’s small business community, and also grateful for the employers that support these community.

TalentVine – The Trusted Recruitment Marketplace 

If you’d like to discuss your current hiring processes, we are always happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the TalentVine team, so we can connect you with +390 specialist recruitment agencies!

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