Three Ultimate Tips for Writing a Killer Job Ad

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TalentVine Interview with Affix about how to write an effective job ad

“Sell a dream, not just a job”

A high performing job ad is not just a job description. It is a message that gives your candidates a compelling reason to move to a new role! We live in a world where people don’t want just a “job.” What your candidates want is something they love, something they are passionate about and something that matters to their life. 

So how can you ensure that your job ad stands out?

Well it’s pretty simple – you leave an impression on the hearts of your candidates!

In this video we speak with a Digital Marketing Recruitment Consultant, Eron Castro, to discuss her three tips to construct a highly effective job ad to engage the best quality talent in the market.

1. Know your audience before writing a job ad

Who is the exact person you are looking to hire? Is it a CEO or a Junior Backend Developer? You need to keep this in mind when creating the copy of your ad so that you are resonating correctly with the audience and thus attracting more talent!

  • Use their technical language
  • Ask questions and make statements that appeal directly to them
  • Imagine what they would want from a new job and focus on that

Make them feel like “oh, that is me” and “I could do that.” 

2. Keep the tone of the job ad conversational 

The recruitment world is changing, gone are the days where you could post a position description onto a job board and attract incredible talent.  As we always say you don’t see food companies advertising their products with the ingredients list, the same must go for your jobs! 

You need to focus on writing the job ad like you would explain the role to a friend that asked for more information. Keep in mind to avoid phrases like “the successful candidate” or “the ideal applicant” – this will only make your potential  candidates question whether they are the right fit for the role. Instead, say something like “In this exciting position, you will be working on…” or “If you enjoy the active team environment, then this opportunity is for you…

3. Tell a story

One of the main goals when writing a great ad is to take the audience on a journey. You need to make them imagine life in this role and what they can accomplish. Make it really clear what problems they will solve, who they will help and how this new role will make them better as a person!

Also, tell a story about your organisation. Share your vision and explain how new hires will help you achieve it via your mission. Use it to get people excited about working with yo

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