Recruiter of the Month: Mike Rubio

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Meet Mike - TalentVine March 2019's Recruiter of the Month

We want to recognise the top-rated recruiters in our platform, based on performance metrics and employer ratings.

March 2019's Recruiter of the Month:

Mike Rubio 

Location: Brisbane
Industries: Digital / IT
Performance: 3 TalentVine Roles Hired in March
– Technical Lead
– Blockchain COO
– Fullstack Developer Average Employer Rating: 9.5

Tell us about your Recruiter Journey

“I’ve got a strange journey that stems from a desire to help and ad value to people. I was a youth worker in High Schools supporting teenagers when I started exploring how I can continue helping people in pivotal times as a Career Advisor. That’s when I started working at Seventwenty. For me, a win is being able to meet with people and ad value around career advise which is often (not always) about recruitment. I’m passionate about helping people love their Mondays and look forward to going to work. Culture, Vision and Direction of a company are key and when they line up it’s a happy day!”


What’s been your experience using TalentVine?

“I love using TalentVine because it bypasses the need for traditional cold call sales calls. A lot of clients are confused about recruitment and the cost and their options and I love that it makes that so clear for them. I love that companies looking to use a recruiter can find an easy solution that’s transparent and clear. I love using TalentVine because it makes it easy to ad value to my clients and discover more potential clients I never would have otherwise. The whole team have had a great approach, supportive and informative, they are there to help us (recruiters) get great wins for our clients.”


What’s one piece of advice you’d give to employers?

“For me I love working clients that are easy to communicate with. Myself and other recruiters can do so much better work when we can get good feedback ad catch the vision of your company. Recruiters can be your best brand advocate representing you in the industry with current and future candidates. Most good recruiters will try and build a long term partnership with our clients to be able to add the most value over the long run so lets partner together and change the world!”

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