Our Awesome Recruiters by Numbers


Employers don’t hate recruiters. They hate bad recruiters. When an employer hires an amazing candidate through a top rated recruiter and this is done at a fee, replacement guarantee and service levels that both parties are happy with… well, then everyone is happy. This is the exact hiring utopia that we are providing at TalentVine.

Here are some numbers to provide a little snapshot of what happens in the background whilst all our recruiting partners are working their magic:

  • Recruiters that use the TalentVine platform have an average rating of 8.8,
  • The average fee chosen was 3.4% higher than the lowest offered fee, suggesting that employers value quality of service over cost,
  • It takes employers using our platform an average of 24 days to fill their role,
  • Exclusive fees are more popular than non-exclusive fees.

TalentVine Infographic for Recruiters that use us

If you are an employer that wants to work with the best recruiters in the industry, post your role over at TalentVine. Your first job posting is free!

Or if you are a recruiter that can provide great service and top quality candidates, we’d love to hear from you at TalentVine.com.au

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