3 Questions to Lure Top Talent Through Your Door

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What are some small changes that you can make in your business to create an environment of engaged and thriving employees?

Here are three innovative questions that can lure top talent and help retain the talent already in your organisation.

1. What can you change to foster more employee engagement?

Getting employees to feel committed and motivated to contribute to your organisation’s success is a top issue.  Technology has changed the ethos of work so that people can always be reachable. This means we have emails flooding inboxes all day, we work later and we also work at home.

Given that this younger “always-on” generation want fast career development, what can you be doing to encourage switching off to prevent burnout?

2. How can you use technology to fast-track your training?

In a world where sites like Khan AcademyLynda and YouTube let anyone learn anything in minutes, is your business still using slow, resources consuming approaches to training and development?

This is a major point of dissatisfaction with employees and leadership alike; so, can you start using these free sites to up-skill and train your employees?

3. How much will you let younger workers shake things up?

Now that half of the workforce is made up of Millennials, the way your company is run will undoubtedly change because these workers are unlike the generations that preceded them.

For one thing, they want to do work that matters in flat organizations wherein their bosses treat them as equals. Ideally, more of these younger people will become HR leaders as they are likely to propose radical new ideas like putting compensation plans online or sharing goals and feedback online, ideas which may seem a bit bold but ultimately improve transparency and alignment.

Rather than have people in their 50s learn to think like people in their 20s and 30s, let’s bring young people into the decision process and let them help us design new management and HR strategies.

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