Fixed Fee Recruitment Package

Let us handle all your hiring needs from start to finish.


When you want to focus on running your company whilst having an industry expert handle your recruitment needs, we are able to provide a fixed price recruitment package.We handle everything from start to finish so you only need to focus on interviewing the best-fit, professionally screened candidates until you find the perfect person to join your team.

One of our recruitment specialists from your industry will:

  • Create a unique advert to be used on Seek
  • Post the job ad in Seek and selected other job boards
  • Cover all Seek advertising costs
  • Review all applicant resumes
  • Search public databases for additional suitable candidates
  • Telephone interview prospective candidates
  • Research an annotated shortlist of candidates
  • Present to you a shortlist of the most suitable candidates
  • Research and answer any questions on shortlisted candidates

This service is offered when we know that the position is capable of being hired through job boards such as Seek. Some senior positions require headhunting skills from recruiters, and we will always advise you on the best path to take before starting any assignment. For these more senior roles, this is how TalentVine helps employers.
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