Don’t Let Your Vibe Affect Your Future Tribe

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recruiter mistakes

We all have our off days when we feel yuck. Welcome to being human.

Sometimes those days coincide with interviewing someone and the potential candidate can pick up on this being a reflection of your companies culture. Hiring can be a stressful time that compounds this so being aware of these traps can help prevent this from happening.

Acting cold or tough

During the hiring process, businesses need to impress top talent as much as top talent needs to impress the business. As the hiring manager, you are the first major glimpse into your business that the candidate will get.

If you believe your place of work is friendly and welcoming, then it’s best your attitude follow suit in the interview. Grilling candidates like they’re in an 80s cop movie can be extremely off-putting so please don’t treat your meetings with candidates like an inquisition. Of course, some quizzing is necessary to establish competency, but don’t waterboard them with questions, the modern-day interview is not an exam. Interviews have moved past the one-way barrage of questions and evolved into a discussion whereby not only is it important for you to quiz the candidate, but also for the candidate to quiz you.

Asking weird or pointless questions

The jury is still out on interview questions that test clients’ problem-solving abilities, innovative thought processes and teamwork capabilities. Sure, you might learn a lot about the client, but you’re also just as likely to end up hiring someone who’s fantastic at interviews and mediocre at their role.

It’s up to you how you approach the interview process, but don’t pepper the candidate with weird or pointless questions. Keep it relevant to the role. If they’ll be working alone, don’t quiz them on teamwork. If their role is 90% focussed on one particular aspect, don’t spend 90% of the interview focusing on something else.

Making a bad first impression

Most importantly, you need to kick relationships off on the right foot. We all know that when a candidate shows up late to an interview, it’s a bad sign. However, it can be common for the interviewer to show up late to interviews with the excuse that they’re “busy”. Interviews start on time, no matter what. Your candidates are important, or you wouldn’t be talking to them, would you?

As the hiring manager, you are the representation of your company’s people, attitudes and values. And when hiring new staff, it is important that you not only portray this positively.  Otherwise, no matter how good a fit they may be for your company, you won’t show that your company is the right fit for them.


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