Five Reasons Recruiters Really Do Find Better Candidates

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recruiters really do find better candidates - talentvine

Personal branding, social media and self-promotion have created an environment where hiring companies are on an almost even keel with recruiters when it comes to sourcing candidates.

In fact, an argument might be made that recruiters are fast becoming obsolete. If a hiring manager can run a simple LinkedIn search and pull up a dozen candidates, why use a recruiter?

Well, like any field, recruitment isn’t as simple as it sounds. Access to a plethora of LinkedIn profiles, resumes, easy background searches and employee databases doesn’t mean that an in-house hiring manager can perform the role of a recruiter.

Anyone can walk into a store and buy a blow dryer and some scissors, but it doesn’t make them a hairdresser. There is immense value in using a recruiter, however unfortunately many don’t realise it until they experience the costs of not using a recruiter.

  1. Personal Connections

Recruiters, especially the good ones, know people. In a lot of cases, they’ll have worked with the same candidate for many years and placed them in more than one role.

These networks are immensely valuable. If you want to reach the best candidates, LinkedIn InMail isn’t going to cut it. Anyone can do that. Not everyone can reach out from a position of trust and respect and play off an established connection.

  1. Easy Access to Valuable Information

Sometimes value lies in time saved. Recruiters have access to immense databases, often controlled by specialist firms or shared between multiple agencies that track thousands of candidates across the job marketplace.

Any recruiter worth their salt will be able to produce upwards of three pre-screened and fully qualified candidates within a few minutes for just about any role.

  1. Playing the Game

If you’ve ever found the perfect candidate and then utterly failed to make the right first impression, you’ll appreciate the finesse of a recruiter’s art. They’ve engaged with hundreds of candidates and developed a real knack for picking the pitch straight away.

At the end of the day, a recruiter is a salesperson. Their job is to sell roles to candidates, and sell candidates to clients. If you don’t have experience in that space, you’re not going to perform.

It’s not just candidate outreach that’s so important. If you want to attract a particular type of person to your role, you need to know how to write a description. If you’re not in the recruiting space every day, you’re not going to get that pitch right.

  1. Faster and Better Selection

When you’ve got a great role going at an awesome company, you’re going to get a lot of applicants. There’s nothing worse than sifting through a stack of poorly designed resumes from clients that are simply unqualified.

Good recruiters have worked with enough dodgy candidates to see right through a resume. They’ll know exactly what to look for and can save you an immense amount of time and effort that might otherwise be wasted on disappointing candidates.

  1. Better Processes

When you work in any industry for long enough, you get better at your job. When you’re working in a space such as recruiting, where your time and ability to make the right call represents your entire income, you get very good at simplifying processes.

Beyond that, recruiters can easily take care of the legal and HR business that always comes with hiring a new candidate.

If anything, the digital environment with easy access to candidates and a plethora of dishonest profiles makes it even more important to hire a recruiter.

They can see straight through it all, and save you a lot of heartache in the process.

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